Stock Market Learning 2019

Again this year Fondazione Sicilia joins “Stock Market Learning”, the exciting online competition run by European savings banks and banking foundations. The initiative provides high school students with the opportunity to invest virtual capital on the stock market. Trading is based on share prices on real stock exchanges.

Simulated trading in securities is a way to develop a basic awareness of economic issues and broaden one’s knowledge of international stock exchanges.

“Stock exchange Learning” also encourages teamwork and a better understanding of stock exchange rules beyond one’s country’s borders, since today teams from 5 European countries take part in the competition.

Students join the competition in teams. To take part, you must find a participating local savings bank or foundation. Starting in September, you can also click here to find out which bank or foundation is closer to you.

Participation is limited to high school students, who can join the “Stock Exchange Learning” project through their school, with a teacher that will provide support.

Starting in mid-September, each participating savings bank will provide students with the opportunity to open an account directly on its website. Once the account is open, teams have eleven weeks to increase its value by buying and selling securities. What is important is not only the overall value of the account, but also the earnings from sustainable investments.

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