It doesn’t seem, it is already a Century

Antonino Leto’s masterpieces from the collection of the Fondazione Sicilia

To celebrate a hundred years since the death of the painter Antonino Leto (Monreale, 14 June 1844 – Capri, 31 May 1913), the Fondazione Sicilia organised an extraordinary exhibition dedicated to the artist featuring 13 works from its collection of paintings.

The paintings in the exhibition follow and describe the evolution of the style and pictorial language the painter had achieved. It is possible to enjoy one of his first works done in the landscape manner (Lo stabilimento enologico Florio a Marsala), the paintings made after his stay in Naples and Florence when Leto approached the Macchiaioli painting school (Scena agreste and L’ultimo tacchino), a rare example of painting of a mythological subject, which the painter rarely chose (La fanciullezza di Zeus), works between two centuries and, finally, some made while he was living in Capri.

In addition to the 12 pieces of the Cavallerizza Room, visitors will be able to enjoy the valuable painting permanently on display on the central wall of the Branciforte Restaurant (housed within the Palazzo), namely La mattanza a Favignana, unique for its high formal qualities and emotional impact.

27 may– 29 september 2013

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