The rediscovered Kouros

From 11th November the stunning Kouros of Lentini will be on display, a unique archaeological find and also a document and piece of antiquity.

The Kouros was a Greek statue with a funerary or votive function representing a young man. It was very popular during the Archaic and Classical period between the 7th and 5th centuries BCE.

Fondazione Sicilia, in cooperation with the Sicily Region Department for Cultural Heritage and Regional Centre for Design and Restoration, funded the conservation and cleaning of the marble surface of the sculpture. Thanks to the public exposition at the Cavallerizza Room, the public will have the unique opportunity to see and discover the statue. The venue will exceptionally be open on Saturdays and Sundays also in the afternoon.

A special cultural and educational programme has been developed for art lovers, non-experts and schools to know more in depth the engaging story of the rediscovered  Kouros and also to understand its characteristics, function and the set of symbols attached to this exquisite Greek work of art.

11 november 2018 – 13 january 2019 (extended to 31 march)

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